Annual Events

Our Regular Events Include:

• Book Swap
• Quarterly E-Waste Collection
• Repair Cafe
• Swap ‘N’ Drop
• Textile Drive

Semi - Annual Free Book Swap & TerraCycle Collection

SalemRecycles’ Book Swaps are held at the Community Life Center at 401 Bridge Street in September and March.  At each book swap, hundreds of people have come to drop off and pick up items to be reused again and again!

This event continues to grow, providing the public with an easy way to reuse books they no longer want while picking up some amazing finds on all sorts of topics. This event is open to residents from any community.

In addition to books, the free swap accepts CD’s, DVD’s, video games, records (all in original cases, please), plus puzzles, and greeting cards. 

All items must be clean, dry, and mildew free. NO magazines, VHS tapes, or cassette tapes.

You may also drop off TerraCycle items for recycling! Here’s what we are collecting:

Repair Cafe

The Repair Cafe is a free event held at 401 Bridge St, run completely by volunteers, to help Salem residents repair and restore their broken items, keeping them out of the waste stream.  Check our calendar to find the dates of our three Repair Cafes each year!

REPAIR SERVICES INCLUDE: Electrical / mechanical tinkering, lamp
rewiring, knife sharpening, basic jewelry repair, furniture and wood repair & gluing, camera
diagnostics and/or repair both film & digital, shoe repair, ceramics gluing. Our seamstresses offer
hand and machine sewing, buttons, hemming, darning, patching, minor alterations.

BRING WITH YOU: If your garment has a missing button, bring a button with you. If your
electronics requires testing after repair, please bring what is needed (light bulb, CD, DVD, VHS tape)
to do that.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! If you have a tinkering skill, even one we already offer, please contact
Janelle Rolke at 978-619-5672 or [email protected].

Quarterly E-Waste Collection

2024 Dates: March 23, June 29, September 28, December 21.

Bring to Salem High School, between 8am and noon to dispose of.


 (Cash or check payable to vendor – RMG Enterprise) 

$40/unit: Exercise equipment, battery-powered lawn equipment, refridgerators, free-standing electronic devices such as fireplaces, heaters, air hockey tables, etc.

$20/unit: TV’s, monitors, microwaves, dehumidifiers, AC’s, vacuum cleaners. 

* All other electronics FREE: computer tower, laptop, tablet, cell phone, small appliances, household electronics, printer, fax, VCR, CD player, etc.

Please NO commercial drop offs or white goods (including washers, dryers, stoves).  Call Waste Management at 800-972-4545 or schedule online to schedule a free white good curbside pick-up.

Electronic Waste Recycling

Swap 'N' Drop

This is a fun, free opportunity to reuse, re-home, or donate your unwanted items.
SWAP or simply DROP OFF:
* Women’s, men’s, children’s clothing & accessories
* Small household items in working condition (no TVs or computers)
* You may SWAP until noon, and DROP OFF until 1:00pm
* Textiles may be in any condition as long as CLEAN & DRY
* All un-swapped items will be collected by HELPSY

Annual Textiles Drive

SalemRecycles, City of Salem and HELPSY join forces to provide an easy way to recycle your
used clothing and household textiles in one convenient location. HELPSY will have a manned
truck onsite at Riley Plaza in downtown Salem on the Saturday before Thanksgiving from 8:00AM to 1:00PM to collect any and all textiles you would like to donate. Items are accepted in any condition (stained, ripped or missing buttons) but must be CLEAN and DRY.