• Plastic bags never go in your curbside toter.

    Reduce your use of plastic bags by using reusable bags. Bring all clean and dry plastic bags to your local store. Look for a collection bin near the entrance of the store or ask customer service. Click here for a list of recyclable plastic bags and film.

  • Bulky Rigid Plastics.  You may recycle bulky rigid plastics at  North Shore Recycled Fibers (NSRF) at 53 Jefferson Avenue in Salem. They will accept these plastics Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 3:00 pm and Saturday 7-11. Examples of accepted items are plastic: lawn chairs, trash & recycle bins, storage bins, buckets, large children’s toys. Items must be clean, with no residues, and any metal parts removed. These plastics are not recyclable with your weekly curbside pickup.
  • CDs, DVDs & Floppy Disks: Bring to any of our events, place in household trash, or recycle for a fee through GreenDisk.
  • Mulch or Pellet bags: Bring CLEAN and DRY bags to any grocery store.