Holiday Decorations

Holiday Lights:

  • Recycle at – Christmas Light Recycling Program: Mails you a 15% off coupon for their lights after you recycle.
  • Home Depot – has recycling bins in stores for incandescent light strings during November and December.
  • Lowes – Should have a drop off box. May want to call just to be sure they have a Christmas light recycle program at your local store. (Danvers Lowes – recycle Christmas lights at the front of their store from November-January).
  • – Use to find local recycling options for Christmas lights.
  • When you go to buy new Christmas lights, be sure to get LED Christmas lights, which will lower your energy bill. LED lights are 80 percent more efficient than the old incandescent lights and LED lights can last up to 20 years. Compare that to incandescent Christmas lights, that usually don’t last more than one year. Another benefit of LED Christmas lights is that they don’t heat up so they are a safer option for Christmas tree decorating.

Gift Wrap:

  • Recycle all gift wraps except those with foil, metallic inks or glitter.
  • Follow the link to the Salem Recycles Facebook page for new and inventive ideas on gift wrapping alternatives.

Streamers: They are made from mixed paper and can be put into the recycling.

Balloons: Compost

Halloween: Compost Pumpkins, use fake cob webs as stuffed animal stuffing.