Glass Bottles & Jars: Rinse and recycle in the curbside program.

Broken Glass: Wrap up broken glass and place in household trash. Place broken windows in a cardboard box and label it to alert trash workers. Windows are often made with leaded glass, which is not accepted for curbside recycling.

Drinking Glasses & Glassware: Donate to Goodwill, Salvation Army or MA Coalition for the Homeless. Give away or sell on Craig’s List. Bring small quantities to the Recycling Center during open hours only. Glassware often is leaded glass and is not accepted for curbside reycling.

Eyeglasses: Donate to OneSight at a participating retailer including Cambridgeside Galleria (Lenscrafters, Sears Optical or Sunglass Hut), or donate to Lions Clubs International

Light Bulbs: Place incandescent bulbs in household trash. Recycle fluorescent bulbs. Home Depot – CFL (Compact Florescent Light) bulb recycling.

Car Glass: