Furniture and Household Goods

  • Bed Frames Set out on collection day or bring metal frames to the Recycling Center during open hours. Donate to the MA Coalition for the Homeless.
  • Bedding – Donate items in good condition can be donated to Goodwill, Solutions at Work, or other thrift stores and homeless organizations.
  • – looking for gently-used dressers, beds, tables dressers, chairs, etc.
  • Northeast Animal Shelter – 347 Highland Ave., 978-745-9888
  • ***Sometimes items may be picked up. Visit websites or call locations for additional information***
  • CDs, DVDs & Floppy Disks – Place in household trash, or recycle for a fee through GreenDisk. See CD and DVD tabs for more information.
  • Furniture Glassware or Ceramic Items – Donate items in good condition to Goodwill or Salvation Army.
  • Toiletry & Personal Care Items: Lifebridge (56 Margin St., Salem, MA)
  • Office Furniture: Boston ReStore, Inc.  Non profit office furniture enterprise. Visit the website for additional information.