Food and Cooking Oil

  • Food Scraps & Compostable Paper Goods:  Compost at home in your backyard or indoors with worms, or join the City of Salem’s Curbside Compost Initiative by signing up at Find more information here. If you cannot compost at home, drop-off food scraps. View a list of certified compostable products.
  • What about using my garbage disposal for food waste disposal? In-sink garbage disposals should only be used for certain types of food waste and liquids from food preparation.
  • Cooking Oil     (DO NOT POUR DOWN THE SINK!)

Small Quantities: Pour into an empty milk carton or old non-recyclable takeout container, store until full and place in trash.

Large Quantities: Free collection from restaurants through the MA Alternative Fuel Foundation. A fee-based collection is available through Save That Stuff or Green Grease Monkey.

  • American By-Products accept used cooking oil from everyone; however, it is costly for them to pick up from individual residents.  They suggest that an individual either 1) bring the oil to the Lynn facility, address listed below, right off the Lynnway, easy to find, or 2) see if a local restaurant will accept the oil to include with their used oil, which ABP picks up.  Many Salem restaurants use this service, including Mandee’s, Deb’s Diner, Lena’s Subs.  The restaurants get paid for this oil.

American By-Products
77 Alley Street
Lynn, MA 01902
ABP Facebook page

  • Donate Edible Food:

Lifebridge: 56 Margin Street Salem, MA

Bread & Jams: 617-497-9200, 50 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA. Daytime shelter accepts food donations. Food must be unspoiled and packaged in unopened cans, jars or dry boxes.

Food Not Bombs – Donate unopened food and toiletries (781-492-3009)

  • Wine Corks – Whole Foods