School Recycling

The City of Salem Public Schools are subject to the same recycling guidelines as Salem residences and downtown businesses.

Each year, one of the elementary schools hosts a science fair “Read Science Night” to promote a love of science and to learn about green and sustainable practices. In addition, the Read Science and Family Picnic is held on the last Saturday in June at the Salem Willows. This annual event provides a mixture of education and fun including the exploration of tide pools, rock climbing, an exhibit from the New England Aquarium, and a chance to listen to live jazz music from the East-West Quartet.

Since 1993, the Norman H. Read Charitable Trust has donated several million dollars to the Salem Public Schools to fund science education tools from teachers salaries, to new laboratories, to the sponsorship of the above listed events.

Salem State University – is one of the largest state universities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and an important partner in the economical, cultural and intellectual vitality of the greater north-of-Boston region. Last year, it was recognized for its efforts to promote green business practices – Click to learn more