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These are the top twelve contaminants Waste Management, Salem’s recycling provider, wants OUT of your recycling bin.  There are many ways to find out how to recycle these items properly.  You can find more information in the Recycling A-to-Z list located on the sidebar to the right.

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Upcoming E-Waste Recycling Events in 2017


What to RecycleAs of November 2, 2015 Salem is on SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING. 

In early 2008, Mayor Driscoll appointed a recycling committee “Salem Recycles” as part of a ‘green’ initiative to develop ways to increase recycling throughout the city and promote other green efforts. Through the efforts of Mayor Driscoll and the Committee, Salem has become the leader on the North Shore regarding its recycling efforts, improving recycling rates over 100%.

In order to continue to increase the overall rate of recycling in Salem through education and increase ease and availability, we have developed recycling tips and information for various community stakeholders. Please visit our pages for helpful information and tips on recycling schedules.

General Recycling Resources:

Reuse Marketplace – recycle/trade/sell unwanted or unused materials

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Educational Links – Already read everything on our site?  Visit other great sites to learn even more about recycling.

Trash and other contaminants are removed manually from the recyclables. (Yup, that’s a bowling ball.  Nope, it’s not recyclable in the curbside program)NoPlasticBags