Salem Recycling News

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To learn more, click the link below to watch SATV’s Salem Neighbors: Recycling in Salem


North Shore Medical Center completes new Green Utility Plant 7/15/14

Ribbon cutting for the newly completed State-of-the-Art Utility Plant this morning showcased this to-be LEED certified building. This cogeneration system recovers wasted heat and water and reuses them. Uses less water, will reduce emmissions equal to 1180 cars, and save $300,000 in energy costs! Congratulations!

Salem Harbor Power Plant shut down on 6/1/14. A good read on the history & issues involved.


Mayor Kim Driscoll Keynote Speaker at MARecycle R3 Conference 4/8/14



Salem selected to be a Solarize city:

“Programs like Solarize Massachusetts allow people across Massachusetts to join the clean energy revolution right at their own homes and businesses…” Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Rick Sullivan said in a statement. See Press.


Salem State University diverted 266 tons of materials from waste stream

SSU recently diverted an impressive 148.76 tons of material from the waste stream as they prepped the Weir buildings on Canal St. for demolition. Surplus office furniture & equipment was sent to Universidad Don Bosco in El Savador (70,871 lbs. or 35.44 tons). They also recycled 117.52 tons of mixed paper, mixed debris, books, metal and cardboard. A+ recycling work!


Mandatory Recycling Update: 300 tons of trash diverted!

“Plastic bags, dirty pizza boxes, Styrofoam and straws are all materials that can be recycled, just not under the city’s system. Cohen said plastic bags should be returned to the store they came from, arrangements for Styrofoam can be located at, and pizza boxes and straws can go in the trash for now.

Other items like air conditioners, refrigerators and other items with a plug can’t be put curbside either, but they can be brought to the quarterly e-waste events. See events calendar for upcoming dates and location.