Spring Book Swap March 2017

Another great Book Swap, 775 people turned out! Just shy of 800, the record from 2016. Even on a snowy Spring day in 2015, the turn out was a fabulous 670!


Drop & Swap in Conjunction with Clean Salem Green Salem Day (5/3/14)

SwapDrop DropSwap

  We’re thankful for a great Swap ‘N’ Drop turnout and great weather!

CleanSweep  MayorCleanSweep     

Thank you to all participants in Salem’s Clean Sweep morning! You worked magic with your brooms, Salemites!


November Textile Recycling 



Haunted Happenings Grand Parade


UpCycle Cartons to Birdhouses at Salem Arts Festival (6/7 & 8, 2014)

60 cartons upcycled all but 3 were done by enthusiastic, creative & proud kids ranging from ages 4-12. Great recycling Q&A with parents and kids during art making time. Read what NoBo magazine said about the Arts Fest and our UpCycle table.




Book Swap (3/15/14)

A record 700 people attended! Old books found new homes, books left over went to Goodwill!  Good reads for all ages. Mayor Driscoll, Councillor Turiel & Jane were there. Check our all the thing repurposed in our UpCycle display!

mayorjoshjane    Volunteerladies

upcycle    Toters


Textile Recycling Event (11/23/13)


Ward 2 Councillor-Elect Heather Famico at Textile event with Goodwill & SalemRecycles members at Riley Plaza


Bag It: Documentary Movie (11/3/13)

SalemRecycles sponsored the screening of “Bag It”, the story of how “single use” plastics Never goes away.
Bag It Pic with Senator Lovely

Senator Joan Lovely at a BAG IT movie presented by SalemRecycles, SAFE, Salem Sound Coastwatch and the Sierra Club – thanks to Cinema Salem