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Compost that Turkey!

If you’re like 88% of Americans, you are planning to eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. And although we realize all of you won’t eat it in Salem, that means roughly 36,300 of you (myself included) will be eating anywhere between 1.5 and 3 pounds of turkey, including the leftovers.  Collectively, we’ll be eating anywhere from 54,500 to 110,000 pounds of bird! (Which, is about how much this 56 foot tall statue in Birmingham Alabama weighs, to put it in perspective)

But… here’s the real question – how many pounds of turkey will be thrown into the trash?

If you have a compost toter – the answer is NONE!

Compost Turkey

If you have been following SalemRecycles this year, you know about our big FREE Composting Initiative! Salem received a grant that will help us provide up to 1273 compost toters to Salem Residents.   We have partnered with Black Earth Compost to haul away our table scraps, greasy pizza boxes, pet hair, and tissues.  We have given away over 900 so far and would like to give away another 100 before by December 31st.  However, your last chance to sign up for a toter will be June 30, 2015.


 Yep, that’s right. At a large scale composting facility, animal products, like meat, fat, and bones can be composted along side your leftover green bean casserole, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, and the weird kale-slaw salad your sister-in-law brought. So, compost that turkey!

Don’t have a toter to put your thanksgiving feast in? You have two options.

  1. You can always share with your neighbor (but ask first!).
  2. Or you can still sign up to participate in our composting program!

Got more questions about Composting in Salem? We’ve got answers for you.  We will also be at the Salem Winter Farmer’s Market on December 4th to talk in person.

Interested in more Thanksgiving numbers?  Check out these from CNN last year.

This post was written by Beth Melillo, a member of the SalemRecycles Committee.  She is an avid upcycler, and interested in making businesses and communities more sustainable. Also, she’s the sister-in-law that brings the weird kale salad.