Did you know Salem residents can compost their food scraps and other organic waste at the curb?  This costs just over $8 per month. We all love using good, fertile compost to nourish our flower boxes and vegetable gardens, so why not contribute your household food scraps to create this compost? About 21% of your trash is comprised of compostable material. Instead of burying or burning food scraps, we can turn them into compost and complete the cycle of renewal. Watch => The Compost Story

NOTE: Salem’s pick up is either Monday or Thursday depending on your neighborhood (except Thanksgiving Day). You are not required to use compostable liners.  You can use paper bags or newspaper.

Click here to watch a short video about how compost is made. CREDIT: “corporate” video sponsored by Black Earth Compost

Thanks for your interest in composting!

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Composting How To’s and Best Practices

Black Earth’s Curbside Composting Guide and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please watch the video below for the why, what and how of composting with Black Earth Compost.


Healthy plants grown in healthy soil do a better job of sucking CO2 out the the air we breath. Great job!

In 2015 alone, Salem diverted about 495 tons of organic waste from landfill or the incinerator.  Between 2014 when the program first started and 2017, Salem has diverted about 840 tons of organic waste from landfill or the incinerator.  In just four years, 840 tons of waste were not buried or burnt, but turned into a useful product.  Instead of generating more carbon, we generated nutrient rich compost. Participants were able to take home six free gallons of rich compost at the end of a year’s participation to use in their own gardens.