We all love using good, fertile compost to nourish our flower boxes and vegetable gardens, so why not contribute your household food scraps to create this compost? Instead of burying or burning food scraps, we can turn them into compost and complete the cycle of renewal. Watch => The Compost Story

Call Black Earth Compost (978-290-4610) or contact them online ( to sign up. Participants of this curbside compost pick up program can receive a compost toter’s worth of finished compost every April. Here’s what the finished product looks like.A


Healthy plants do a better job of sucking CO2 out the the air we breath. Great job!

In the 2015 pilot (free) program alone, Salem diverted about 495 tons of food scraps ifrom landfill or the incinerator–450 tons of waste were not buried, not burnt. Instead of generating more carbon, we generated nutrient rich compost. Participants were able to take home six free gallons of rich compost at the end of a year’s participation to use in their own gardens.


Take the Composting Challenge

Even two years after the pilot program there are plenty of folks in Salem who have not yet heard of our curbside composting efforts. Others who are aware of it but have never found the time to follow up and join.  Help us to spread the word and keep this valuable program going.


Our cost depends on how many people are enrolled in the program. Talk to your neighbors, start a conversation at a school meeting, mention curbside composting on your evening out and refer interested people to Black Earth Compost, 978-290-4610. If we can keep 600 or more households in the fold, the estimated cost will be about $6.50/mo. We’re in a sharing economy. Two households/apts/condos can share 1 toter pickup to reduce the cost to about $3.25/mo!

Take the challenge to recruit new members!

We challenge you to get just one more neighbor, friend, or family in a separate household to join the composting movement.

Compost Tips & Info Links

There have definitely been lessons learned about how to compost more cleanly and effortlessly. We will be sharing tips thru posts, photos, videos and Facebook.

“Salem has been on the forefront of many green initiatives and curbside composting will be yet another such program” said Mayor Kim Driscoll. About 21% of your trash is comprised of compostable material. Participants can retrieve a few gallons of nutrient rich garden-ready compost at the end of a year’s participation.