Compost Tips-Visual

Composting How To’s

The combination of weather stripping your compost toter and tightly wrapping or bundling your food scraps will turn composting (esp. Summer) from dread to joy. Let us show you how.

How to Line the Kitchen Bin – Video

This video shows you how to line your kitchen compost bin in such a way as to keep food scraps dry and under wraps: How to keep food scraps under wraps.

Another method is to line bins with bio-degradable bio bags. They do have a cost associated with them, but are still a good option. Just make a tight knot around the bag when it’s full.

How to Bundle Your Compost – Video

When your kitchen food scraps bin is full, this video shows you how to bundle up the compost in a football-like way to keep the flies at bay:  How to keep your compost neat, dry and less attractive to flies.

How to Keep Your Compost Dry

Squeezing the liquid out of tea bags and other liquidy things such as a wet paper towel.The more  paper products (napkins, tissues, tiny scraps of torn paper or labels too small for recycling bin), the dryer, less smelly, and less attractive your compost will be to flies.

How to Seal Your Compost Toter – Video

To secure your compost toter from flies/fruit flies, watch how we weather seal it with some stick on foam tape. This creates a weather tight seal so even the smallest fruit fly can not squeeze in between it.