Can I donate leftover paint?

If you have leftover, unwanted paint that is in good condition, you can donate it to nonprofits and other agencies in your area for reuse in remodeling, set design and other applications. Organizations that accept unwanted paint include high school drama departments, community theater groups, schools, charities and places of worship.

A local chapter of national agencies such as Habitat for Humanity and Keep America Beautiful will also gladly accept unwanted paint.

Can paint be dried out, then thrown away?

Latex, water-based and acrylic paints can be disposed of in this manner. As long as these paints are fully dried, you can throw them into your household trash can.

However, latex and water-based paints can be recycled into new products, such as concrete, cement and other additives. So, it’s always better to recycle your paint to conserve resources.

Some states allow you to recycle dried latex, water-based and acrylic paints curbside, while others require you to bring your cans to a recycling facility. Check with your local waste management provider to learn the regulations in your area.

Oil-based paints should never be tossed in the trash, even if they are dried.

See the link to the Board of Health site for more information on disposal services that Salem has to offer.

Can paint cans and lids be recycled?

Steel paint cans are recyclable, but not every community accepts paint cans as part of the local recycling program. Check with your local recycling or HHW coordinator for more information. To recycle, the paint can must be empty and all paint contents dried prior to recycling.