Waste Management (WM), Salem’s New Trash & Recycling Hauler

Waste Management (WM) took over the City contract effective June 1, 2015.

Watch the SATV show: Salem Neighbors, Recycling in Salem. This interview format with the City’s representatives should help answer all your nagging Trash & Recycling pickup questions.

Watch the new WM Trash & Recycling Program PSA

WM FAQ October 2015

WM Brochure for Trash Pick-up and Recycling Collection Services (English)




Drop Off Old Barrels, Bins & Toters – THIS WEEKEND ONLY!!!

Click here ToterDropOff for details.


What NOT to do: Don’t overload the bins.

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Mayor Driscoll with Barbara Warren, SSCW executive director, members of Salem Recycles, Salem Chambers, & Salem Main Streets kick off the new Park Your Butt campaign! Showing off the jazzy new sticker that Salem Sound Coast Watch’s Talking Trash Teens (TTT) helped design. TTT also mapped the location of the current butt bins and recommended new locations in an effort to get more use of the bins. Great collaborations and effort by all involved!Butt1RibbonButt5Mayor

 Thank you to all who are participating in the Food Scraps Plus Program.

NOTE: Compost pick-up goes to every other week starting October 2015. Compost will be picked up 10/7 & 10/8, but not 10/14 & 10/15. Next pick-up will be 10/21 & 10/22.

The 2-year pilot program started 4/16/14 and runs through 4/15/16. Over 1200 households are participating.  The EPA estimates that food is now the single largest type of waste going to landfills. Averaging 20lbs per person a month! Don’t let food waste: scraps, bones, raw or cooked meats, seafood shells, dirty paper napkins, greasy parts of pizza boxes, etc. sit in landfill creating more methane gas. Composting converts all these and more into nutrient rich soil/ compost that you can use in your garden or planters! The program picks up organic waste from compost toters bi-weekly!

“Salem has been on the forefront of many green initiatives and curbside composting will be yet another such program” said Mayor Kim Driscoll. About 21% of your trash is comprised of compostable material. Participants can retrieve a few gallons of nutrient rich garden-ready compost next year. For more info, click on the following links:

 Salem Wins TWO MassRecycle Awards MARecycleAward_MayorMARecycleAward_Salem

Congratulations to Mayor Kim Driscoll and the SalemRecycles Committee for winning MassRecycle’s Annual Recycling Awards, recognizing their work with community recycling. “Mayor Driscoll is one of the best advocates for sustainability practices in Massachusetts and this award reflects her commitment to reuse, recycling and improving the quality of life for Salem residents”, “This award recognizes those municipalities that represent the best of the best in our state.” MassRecycle is the statewide non-profit organization that focuses on efforts to increase recycling and reduce trash, working toward the goal of sustainable living in Massachusetts.

For her effective leadership driving sustainable initiatives in the City of Salem, Mayor Driscoll received the Public Servant Award. SalemRecycles was given the Municipal Award for their promotion of community recycling to Salem residents and businesses via education and community events encouraging sustainable practices. The awards were presented March 30th at the 2015 R3 Recycling & Organics Conference. Salem residents and businesses should be proud of the citywide efforts to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


Plastic Bag Recycling Rules Updated:

Sometime recycling “rules” change, and here are additions we think you’ll like! When you recycle plastic bags, you may now include Tyvek envelopes, as well as plastic cereal bags & box liners (all CLEAN, please). Get the updated list: PlasticBagRecycling 2-15

 Cigarette Butts Recycle Program:

See these boxes around town? Please help keep Salem Clean, Get your BUTTS in there! 1st collection made on 12/4/14. “Cigarette waste is one of the most common forms of litter on our streets and sidewalks,” says Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll. “Having these receptacles available should provide us one more tool in our efforts to keep our city clean, while maintaining our commitment to being green and eliminating our overall trash output.” Read more.

ButtRecycleRecepticleButtRecycle2photo 4

Spring Book Swap March 2015:

Even on a snowy Spring day, the turn out was a fabulous 670!


Mandatory Recycling Pizza box Update: 16 restaurants now use stickers that teach how to recycle a pizza box (RECYCLE the clean part, TOSS OUT the oily part): Damatas Pizza, Dominos Pizza, Sammy’s Pizza, Roast Beef & Seafood, Essex’s N.Y. Pizza & Deli, Londi’s Roast Beef Pizza & More, Amazing Pizza, Christina’s, Engine House, Flying Saucer, Fran & Diane’s, Mandees, North House of Pizza, Rizzo’s, Roasted Peppers, Salem House of Pizza, Vinny’s. Fran & Diane’s is the 1st to request and receive reorder stickers! If your pizza place would like to participate, please contact Jeff Cohen jcohen@salem.comSteve’s Quality Market‘s recently added plastic bag Recycle bin. Thank you Steve’s!