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We’ve got composters, you’ve got food scraps… lets get the two together!  Click HERE to sign Up for this FREE program.

The 2-year pilot program started 4/16/14. 860 households have signed up. Please help us reach our goal of 1,500 by this  December.  Don’t let food waste: scraps, bones, raw or cooked meats, seafood shells, dirty paper napkins, greasy parts of pizza boxes, etc. sit in landfill. A commercial organics digester can convert all these and more into nutrient rich soil/ compost that you can use in your garden or planters! Let us pickup organic waste from your FREE 12 gallon rolling toter weekly!

IMG_7923IMG_7934  To sign up, just fill out the survey. You can conveniently pick up your toter at the Sept 20 Book Swap event. “Salem has been on the forefront of many green initiatives and curbside composting will be yet another such program” said Mayor Kim Driscoll. About 21% of your trash is comprised of compostable material. Participants can retrieve a few gallons of nutrient rich garden-ready compost next year. For more info, click on the following links:

Bottle Bill Update

SalemRecycles supports the Bottle Bill update, Question 2. Placing a deposit on the containers holding consumable drinks will increase recycling and reduce our trash.  The current law regarding bottle deposits was written more than 30 years ago and does not cover the vast number of the 3.5 billion beverage containers purchased each year in Massachusetts, such as water, juice, and sports drinks.

Containers that carry a deposit at purchase are returned for the deposit or recycled at a much higher rate (about 80%).  Of those beverage containers not covered under the current deposit law, only about one forth are recycled, the rest become trash or litter– in the waste stream, on the streets, in our parks, in our lakes, rivers, streams and the ocean. It is clear that having a deposit on a container reduces trash and litter. For more info, go to www.bottlebillfacts.com. Here is the latest on the Bottle Bill debate.

Parks & Recreation Fall/Winter Catalog back cover has Info-graphics for Dual Stream & Plastic bags recycling to help you sort things out.

Recycle Dual-stream Info-graphicRecycle Plastic bags Info-graphicPark&RecCover

Haunted Happenings Grand Parade


New: You Gotta Recycle, Buddy Hilarious Out-takes are OUT! YouTube videos Isabel+Marcella                    Thomas+MarcellaDiane+Marcella

YGRB5 YGRB - Patricia

North Shore Medical Center completes new Green Utility Plant 7/15/14

Ribbon cutting for the newly completed State-of-the-Art Utility Plant this morning showcased this to-be LEED certified building. This cogeneration system recovers wasted heat and water and reuses them. Uses less water, will reduce emmissions equal to 1180 cars, and save $300,000 in energy costs! Congratulations!

Salem Harbor Power Plant shut down on 6/1/14. A good read on the history & issues involved.

Mayor Kim Driscoll Keynote Speaker at MARecycle R3 Conference 4/8/14


Mandatory Recycling Pizza box Update: 16 restaurants now use stickers that teach how to recycle a pizza box (RECYCLE the clean part, TOSS OUT the oily part): Damatas Pizza, Dominos Pizza, Sammy’s Pizza, Roast Beef & Seafood, Essex’s N.Y. Pizza & Deli, Londi’s Roast Beef Pizza & More, Amazing Pizza, Christina’s, Engine House, Flying Saucer, Fran & Diane’s, Mandees, North House of Pizza, Rizzo’s, Roasted Peppers, Salem House of Pizza, Vinny’s. Fran & Diane’s is the 1st to request and receive reorder stickers! If your pizza place would like to participate, please contact Jeff Cohen jcohen@salem.comSteve’s Quality Market‘s recently added plastic bag Recycle bin. Thank you Steve’s!